‘BERRY’ – Captain for our CS:GO Main team

CS GO banner

Former SK-Gaming & Ambush player, Danny ‘Berry’ Krüger has joined the Aalborg Rebels, as captain of our CS: GO Main Team. Berry already has a team that he has included in the Aalborg Rebels, and we are therefore ready with a strong CS: GO team to mark us on stage.

Ready for the Elgiganten league

At Aalborg Rebels, we are very serious and ambitious about marking ourselves on the esport scene within CS: GO. That’s why we’ve got one of the top Danish players in as captain of our CS: GO Main Team, which already consists of a strong team of 5 well-established players on the CS: GO Stage.

Already on Monday, April 6, 2020, the Elgiganten league will start the league that the team will start participating in. Our goal with the Elgiganten league is to mark us on stage, hoping for a top 5 ranking.

Elgiganten Liga lineup

Other leagues

After the Elgiganten league, we have already planned to join a number of other leagues. These include leagues such as ESEA advanced, Phoenix League and Fragleague.

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